When Choosing a Metal Recycler it is Critical that you select a Company that...

#1 Privately Held Corporation
- you want to deal with a company that answers ONLY to their Customer and NOT Wall Street.
-Wall Street priority is profit for shareholders

#2 Been in Business for 20 Year Plus
-you must partner with a company that has successfully weathered Volatile Economic Cycles

#3 Uses Roll-Off Containers and Late Model Trucks
-Luger Boxes and Antiquated Trucks are susceptible to accident, injury and can create Financial/Legal Liability to the customer

#4 Does NOT rely on 3rd Party Trucking or Subcontractors
-company must utilize verifiable insured employees
-subcontractors and 3rd party trucking companies significantly increase cost

#5 Has the Transportation Infrastructure to move material to any market in the County whether by Truck, Barge or Rail
-if your supplier is handcuffed to a specific market your pricing will suffer greatly

#6 Protects it's Customers from Environmental Contamination or Catastrophe
-through the use of sealed containers, cutting fluid reclamation, and fixed or portable container enclosures.