We've Hugged a Few Trees in our Day

We understand environmental responsibility and how to keep our customers on the good side of the EPA.



Sealed Containers

The era of letting cutting fluids run all over the ground is over. Individual States as well as the Federal Government have tightened restrictions on environmental pollution. Even if your cutting fluids are environmentally friendly, your Facility could still be fined by having industrial coolant leaking on pavement, concrete, gravel or dirt.

Specialized Sealed Containers trap and contain all fluids within the reservoir floor.

Enclosed Buildings

Keeping rain, snow and other forms of precipitation out of your metal containers is critical in eliminating the spread and seepage of cutting fluids, coolants and industrial oils. We will work with you to custom design a steel enclosure that fits your needs. And the best part.... we will pay for the cost of the enclosure.


Don't have enough space for a Building?

Our custom made enclosures will keep out all elements.


Drainage Systems

Our Environmental Team will create a plan for your facility that includes custom drainage solutions that will capture used coolant and cutting fluids enabling you to recycle and reuse this expensive commodity while protecting the environment and your facility from failed EPA Inspections.


At Western Piedmont Metal Inc we take protecting the environment seriously.

All recyclable material is transported, handled and processed according to Federal EPA guidelines.

We strictly follow all rules and regulations of both the Federal Government and individual States that we operate within.