Our Exclusive Metal Recycling Asset Management System

Your company's Scrap Metal is often an under-realized asset. It needs to be continually documented and managed just like any other inventory. Our Metal Recycling Asset Management System will insure that your facility will reclaim lost revenue caused by increasing regulations, spiraling insurance premiums and higher production costs.

Our Proprietary Asset Management System will transform your company's recyclable metal program into a complete turnkey Profit Center.

At Western Piedmont Metal, we will take the time to properly educate you on the real value of each alloy. We will provide you with the knowledge you need, to properly segregate each grade of alloy to continuously command top dollar.


Container Tracking System

When servicing manufacturers that have a significant amount of Scrap Metal, Western Piedmont Metal realizes that human error can occur, resulting in the customer not being paid for every load of metal. We maintain that mistakes of this nature are unacceptable and must be prevented.

Our Drivers are required to provide our customers with a written receipt documenting the date of pick-up, type of alloy and size of container.

Each receipt carries a serial number that will be traced and recorded on your monthly settlement, insuring that your facility gets paid for every load of scrap metal.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

From Day 1, we'll manage every aspect of your company's metal recycling program, from separation and segregation, to tracking and documentation. Western Piedmont Metal will develop customized reports to inform you on all recycling activity, on a monthly, quarterly and year-end basis.

Each specific alloy is broken down and categorized in order to give you critical information regarding how much scrap metal is leaving your facility.

There will be no more rummaging through old files attempting to retrieve this important information.

The 2008 financial meltdown continues...

In 2008, we witnessed the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

11 million jobs were lost. Centuries old companies closed their doors forever. Margins were squeezed. Consolidation became the norm. Decades of mismanagement within the investment banking industry and selfish political agenda stunned middle class America and our critical manufacturing industry. Many industry leaders have disappeared.

This period of uncertainty is not over. Today, with our country hobbling along carrying $17 trillion dollars in Federal Debt, along with another $87 trillion in unfunded liabilities spanning Social Security, Medicare and Federal Pensions, its difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

In order to thrive, manufacturers must look at every aspect of their organization as a profit center. Those companies that are just holding on, waiting for the economy to change are in for a rude awakening. Success today requires bold action, tough decision making, and the courage to let go of old business relationships that don't serve manufacturers at the highest level.

A significant increase in scrap metal revenue can help alleviate some of the financial pain that most manufacturers face during this extreme recessionary time. Make the decision to allow Western Piedmont Metal to handle your recycling needs-let us show you how to significantly increase your scrap metal revenue.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your business.